counthouseLeongatha Court House Centenary

In late October 2012 Leongatha celebrated the centenary of its Court House The Significance of the Court House The former Leongatha Court House, constructed by Frogley & Smith in 1912 at 2 McCartin Street, Leongatha is part of the most important heritage streetscape in the town

Why is it Significant?
The former Leongatha Court House is of local historic, social and aesthetic significance to South Gippsland Shire. Historically & Socially, it was the first permanent Court building to be constructed in Leongatha and only the third in the Shire. It is therefore highly important in demonstrating the development of public institutions in the Shire and the growing importance of Leongatha as a commercial and civic centre in the Shire in the early part of the 20th Century. (AHC criteria – A.4 and D.2 Aesthetically, it is a notable example in the Shire of Federation Freestyle design by the Public Works Department and is an integral part of the highly important group of civic buildings that are an essential part of the historic character of

After the courthouse was closed in the 1980s, it was left unused. Fortunately, it was restored and became the home of the Brass Band, which celebrated its 120th anniversary this year.