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5th Battalion

Koonwarra, Victoria

His Mother, Mary Rose Barratt of Toora, Victoria and later 34 Gladstone Windsor

Melbourne, Victoria 10/2/1916. His mother agreed to him enlisting

Age 20 years 1 month, 5'5", 132 pounds, blue eyes and light brown hair

Church of England


He died of wounds to the leg

and hand received at Peronne, France on 24/9/1918

He is buried in Tincourt New British Cemetery

He was born in Koonwarra, Victoria and attended Leongatha State School

◈ 10/2/1916 He enlisted in Melbourne
◈ 25/9/1916 He embarked Melbourne on HMAT Shropshire
◈ 9/11/1916 He was sick on the ship
◈ He disembarked Capetown and was admitted to hospital with measles
◈ 29/1/1917 He embarked Capetown on the Demosthenes
◈ 3/3/1917 He disembarked Plymouth
◈16/6/1917 He went to France to the 5th Battalion
◈ During July and August he suffered from scabies
◈ 6/10/1917 He went back to his unit
◈ 28/10/1917 He had scabies again
◈ In November he had influenza
◈ In January and February 1918 the scabies continued
◈ He had pharyngitis in March and April and the scabies continued
◈ 10/8/19 18 He went on leave to England
◈ 17/9/1918 He returned to his unit
◈ 24/9/1918 He died of wounds to the legs and hands received in action aged 22
◈ Chaplain, 5th Battalion, wrote: Barratt was killed by a long-range artillery shell as he and others the lines for the billets. He was wounded in the legs and one arm, and subsequently died after giving the chaplain his mother's address in Australia.

◈Mrs. Barratt was asked for the address of his father, as he should receive the medals. She points out she has not heard of him for 11 years
◈His effects were a gold ring (broken), wrist watch (damaged) and strap, metal ring, YMCA wallet, letters and photos
◈He had a Nation Mutual Insurance policy
◈His mother asked that the words 'Thy will be done' be placed on his grave with his name and she offered to pay
◈His Mother received his medals and plaque.



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BARRATT, Reginald Woorayl

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