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Private 4504

22nd Battalion

Koonwarra, Victoria

His mother Mrs. Frances McCarthy of Nerrena via Koonwarra, his parents gave their permission to enlist.

Leongatha 1/2/1916

Age 19 years 10 months, 5'10", 10 stone blue eyes and brown hair

Roman Catholic

Farm labourer

He was killed in action at Polygon Wood on 4/10/1917

He was buried at The Buttes New British Cemetery Polygon Wood Zonnebeke

He was from Nerrena, Victoria

He attended Nerrena State School
1/2/16 He enlisted
His parents James and Frances signed a consent form
29/3/16 He embarked Melbourne on HMAT Orantes
17/7/16 He was admitted to Fargo Hospital Rollestone
28/7/16 He was discharged
16/9/16 He went to France
7/10/16 He was taken on strength
11/11/16 He had trench feet
In January 1917 he had defective eyesight
1/2/17 He rejoined his unit
4/10/17 He was killed
His will appoints his uncle Jeremiah McCarthy of Koonwarra as executor. He leaves all his estate to his sister Cicely Johanna McCarthy.
The will was made at Broadmeadows. He left his will in the possession of his mother Mrs. McCarthy
His effects were: � 2 brushes, a pencil case, comb, steel mirror, matchbox. Cicely received the parcel 16/5/18
5/3/21 Mrs. McCarthy received 3 photos of his grave. ,
28/11/22 She received the victory medal
20/12/22. His father was the official receiver of the medals, scroll and plaque


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