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Private 1194

8th Battalion

Koonwarra, Victoria

His father, Richard Sperling of Fernshade Koonwarra

Leongatha 2/10/1914

Age 23 years and 10 months, 5'9", 11 stone 3 pounds, grey eyes and brown hair



He became ill, wastransferred to The 15th Stationary Hospital at Mudros, Lemnos Greece and died there

He was buried at Mudros East Cemetery Lemnos Greece on 9/7/1915

The Sperling family were residents of Koonwarra, Victoria

He is on the Koonwarra Honour Roll
2/10/14 He enlisted in Leongatha
22/12/14 He embarked Melbourne on HMAT Thermistocles
8/5/15 He was at Gallipoli
29/6/15 He suffered from diarrhoea at Anzac,
29/6/15 He suffered from gastro enteritis at Anzac
2/7/15 He was sent to Lemnos with enteric fever
6/7/15 He was transferred to the 15th Stationary Hospital Mudros and died on 8/7/15
His effects were a belt spring, photos, post cards and a writing case
A parcel was sent via Thomas Cook
10/9/21 His family received his memorial scroll
11/9/22 The family received his Victory Medal
In his will he left everything to his father Richard
Mr. Brumley of The MUIOOF Leongatha asked for a death certificate so he could pay the funeral claim
There is a letter from Mr. Sutherland solicitor of Leongatha asking if he has any pay owing
There is a letter from Richard Sperling stating that they heard their son had died but then heard Lt Cook saw him with another local lad and that they had come back from hospital to the trenches. The answer stated that Lt Cook was wrong.



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SPERLING, John Joseph

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