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JOHNSON, Stanley



2/4th Anti -Tank Regiment

Somerville 1 July 1920, could be 16 July

His mother Dorothy Johnston was NOK. His father was Frank Lewis Johnston.

24 July 1940



He died of illness on 21 April 1945 in Malaysian Borneo

He is honoured on the Labuan Memorial East Malaysia

Stanley was born in 1923 in Somerville and the family then lived in Tarwin Lower at Tarwin Meadows. From 1925 until 1937 his father worked at Tarwin Meadows.

The 2/4th Anti-Tank Regiment was an artillery regiment that was raised for service during WWII. It was formed in November 1940. In early 1942, the regiment fought in Malaya and Singapore before being captured when Singapore fell to the Japanese. Most of its personnel became prisoners of war. Over 170 members of the regiment died in captivity including Stan before the end of the war in August 1945.


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