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RAAF 11398

75th Squadron

Ringwould Kent, England 13 May 1913

Dorothy Maxted, his wife. His parents were Reg and Nellie Maxted of Leongatha.


Garage proprietor and mechanic

Noemfoor 9 October 1944 aged 31

He is on the Lae Memorial Papua New Guinea, the Leongatha Memorial and at the Leongatha High School.

Des attended Leongatha State School and Leongatha High School and on leaving school became a mechanic.

He was born in Canterbury in England and came to Leongatha with his family at the age of nine. The family lived in Jeffery Street Leongatha. His father ran a business making cabins for trucks, cars and trailers and was a notable sign writer. Des ran a garage on the corner of Bair St and Church St Leongatha, and at the time of his enlistment was recorded as being a garage proprietor. His mother Mrs. Nellie Maxted organised with Leongatha High School that a shield in Des' honour become the house swimming trophy. This trophy was used from 1961 until 1989. Des Maxted's son Reg served in the army and also attended Leongatha High School.
Enlisting in the Air Force in July 1940, Des spent time at Amberley Air Force base before going to New Guinea. In New Guinea on the island of Noemfoor. He was a popular well-liked member of the squadron's workshop team. Des went out with a group in a small boat to collect equipment which floated out to sea in a storm. The boat capsized and Des helped others onto a raft. He was washed out to sea by a large wave and never sighted again. His efforts enabled the other men to survive.


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